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Microinvasive implantology

Flapless implantology to minimize the discomfort of the course of post-surgical.

Periodontal therapy

We treat periodontitis with laser without pain.


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Scientific research

Microdentistry institute carries out scientific research on the technologies of dental and oral diseases.


Italian Microdentistry Institute

Microdentistry is a center dedicated to the training and clinical research that unites the various dental disciplines with a single philosophy characterized by the use of the Operating Microscope (O.M.) The IRF in Microdentistry develops its activities in cooperation with international and national scientific societies and institutions. Our group participates in conferences and exchange training events, comparing experiences and clinical results with those of our colleagues.

The institute is equipped with a library, where it is possible to consult the field's major journals as well as archival information with the latest bibliographic references to the newest technologies (with particular reference to tissue engineering in implantology and periodontology and to the use of the microscope). Thanks to the international experience of Dr. Francesco Martelli communication in Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese is possible for both clinical activity (procedures with patients) and training events (courses, lectures, and conferences).

We organize training courses on implantology with patients: Call us: +39 055 2398889 or write us: info@microdentistry.it

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